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Play dress-up, fix yer make-up!

As seen in my icon.

Just another hard-knock life.

Then we go artsy.

Look! I had even put on nailpolish!

Am I...shy?!

NO! Though I might be a tad coo-coo.

In the end, this is the picture that probably shows off my make-up best. The other pictures was simply to staisfy my ego.
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and you have never played with make-up on me becaaaauuussseeeeeeeeeee?
...I don't know. And, I have though. Haven't I?
kinda, but not much.. I think... ^.^;;;;;;
Ah, yes, well. it's easier on oneself eitherway.
Your hair rocks and rolls.
Thank you. Yes, it did in those pictures. It's sorta...not like that anymore though.
Cutie! :D
Thanks! :D

Deleted comment

Tenk j00! :D
Is your hair RED, missy?
My icon is clapping for you yay!
Umm, well, no, not anymore. It is in fact quite dark borwn-ish now. It was sort of red when these pictures were taken though. Or, recovering to brown from pink wash-out hairdye.